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Not your Father’s HR: Data Science and Predictive Analytics Meet Workforce Management

You can’t change who you are, personalities matterTalent Analytics


I have joined “Talent Analytics” with co-owner Greta Roberts and co-owner Pasha Roberts as a Data Scientist.

Predictive HR analytics is a way to change some of the bad things that I’ve seen over the last couple of decades in companies around the world. It is no longer acceptable to look only at the metrics of a person’s previous employment because time has shown you can’t imply anything about their potential success in that role from the jobs they have had before. Their previous job may have been out of necessity or “just a job” as they say now, meaning, they may not have even liked the role they were in… Now, how happy do you think they were, did they give 100%? I have seen employees come in late repeatedly and end up getting fired for attendance even though they were an exceptional employee, their reasoning….. late night movie buff! Now wouldn’t them coming in later in the morning been a better solution than termination? Personality doesn’t change if you’re a person that likes to stay up late then an early-morning job is probably not the best for you, and if you’re an early riser then night shift probably is not the best fit for you. If you are a manager but don’t have the right skillset, then you probably will chase off lots of great employees, how productive is that?

Talent Analytics and their predictive product actually use the personality and behavioral trait of a person to calculate success, and no, not like your Father’s Myers Briggs…. I took the proprietary survey and the results confirmed what I already knew about myself, if only in a whisper lol… I am logic driven, very curious and like change, I also have issues with some authority, for those that have worked with me, you know I am not a “yes man” and mundane tasks that bore me get pushed aside very quickly so something repetitive would not have been a good job choice for me now would it? But its’s really about “who I am”, the traits that make me and all of us, unique..

I think Greta and Pasha have a wonderful product and it’s my pleasure to have joined their staff I hope all of human resources finally stops this vicious cycle of doing HR the old way, the wrong way, the way that doesn’t work, and decide to use predictive analytics to reduce churn and increase retention. Finding the right person for the job has never been more important due to cost associate with pre-hire and training besides the cost of benefits including healthcare are too great to pick the wrong employee. So take a look at Talent analytics and you’ll see why I decided to join them, they’ve got a great product, they’re a great company and they have talented owners… I think you’ll like them too!!