What can YOUR data do for you?

A Data Nerd's view on AI, Machine learning and the Internet of Things

Here we are, at the end of another exciting year and with the New Year looming, it's time for another years thoughts and predictions. I hear so much about AI, and how corporate America is all in, “despite lacking experience and skills”, reminds me of 2012 when everyone wanted a data scientist, even though they didn’t know what to do with them, or what data science really was! We can’t keep living on buzzwords; AI will come about, but not in 2018, we still have a long way to go in order to work out the bugs, change mindset of what really AI is & achieve more formal education and talent.

Machine learning has really come along, I remember the 1st time I used it in 2008 and wow, have we come a long way! 2018 will be the year we see more expertise but still struggle with understanding, proper usage and the danger of "machine learning" becoming a buzzword itself. There are some ML uses like workforce predictive analytics that are making waves in HR, be sure to keep an eye out for how it affects recruiting and staffing.

IoT on the other hand, will surge with toys, car accessories, home and security uses but it will also set up nasty hackers with lots of additional access to our private lives! Be wary and careful and please use STRONG passwords and secure connections. Technology is a great thing but it has downsides as well.

Go merrily into the New Year but don’t expect your own personal robot to answer the door, at least not yet!

Carla Gentry