Honored to be a Women In Data

So, for the 1st time in my life, I am a “cover girl” thanks to O’Reilly  – I have received many congrats and “hat’s off” comments, to them I say “Thank You” :o)

But I do want to follow up on a comment made on Twitter by Kelly Hoey @jkhoey “Encouragement is nice, but a check is a lot nicer.”   Yes, I said this.”

If you really want to show your support, do business with us! If the next generation of young women are to be inspired they must see us “working” in our fields and accomplishing great things. We are not victims, we add value and drive success!

Thank you to  Cornelia Levy-Bencheton  and  Shannon Cutt for their time and dedication to work in tech and for publishing these great profiles about successful women in data!

Girls – can be anything, including entrepreneurs and data scientist :o)

Best wishes in all you do, Carla

Women in data

Women In Data ROCK!