Headed to IBM Insight in Vegas IOT

I was so excited to receive this email from the IBM Insight Committee ->  “You’ve been selected as part of a small set of key influencers to lead the conversation around how data and analytics are driving decisions, fueling processes, and informing interactions.  Along with conference host Jake Porway (@jakeporway), you’ll be joining your peers for the most exclusive “behind the ropes” look at how the transformative role of data is inspiring a global network of individuals and societies to discover new possibilities.”

It’s not every day you are invited to participate in the IBM Insight Event so it was quite an honor, the most exciting part is being part of “IMO” the biggest data events of the year! Just looking at the list of big data and data scientist talent gets me all giddy (yes, I’m a data nerd, LOL)

The Insight curriculum is aligned to three programs that encompass 15+ tracks which help frame sessions and content throughout the event:
#1 We get to enjoy and be witness to some of the latest advancements in analytics strategies, from business intelligence, data discovery and predictive analytics to performance management and risk analytics – #2 Really excited about the way they set this up – learning how to manage a growing diversity of incoming information and extract value for deep insight, enhanced customer experience and business growth. – and lastly (but a biggie in my opinion) #3 We will explore how big data is used to build a modern information management architecture while becoming more agile, efficient and competitive. EXCITING

For me, my interest these days are in “wearable electronics”  – think about the huge amounts of data this is going to create and the implication of its uses. Being that my parents are older, I worry about their health and one way “wearable electronics” can assist is in heart rate analysis – I am super excited for a product to come out so they can monitor their heartbeat and maybe even have it call 911 if needed, wishing, I think not! But, of course everything has its down side as well, my second thought was….. security…. if and when this is completely integrated into our lives will someone be able to hack this info and sell it to doctors and hospitals/insurance companies….etc… Oy’ the horror but welcome to the 21st century, where ever there is good, there is also bad! In my opinion if “wearable technology” can wake someone with “sleep apnea” or save a baby from crib death or yes, even get an ambulance to my house really fast when needed, if we can save one life, it is worth it! What a great time to be alive. See you in VEGAS, Big Data ROCKS 🙂