Analytics versus Creative

My father once told me that being “different” is neither good nor bad, it’s just different. Our differences make us “who we are.” Thus, I live my life with this philosophy, which includes being me, doing the things I love most, and being happy to be the nerd I truly am. Since graduating from the University of Tennessee, many of the positions I’ve held have been analytical in nature—data crunching and the dissection of relative info to be passed on to business users, helping them make more informed decisions. I see things in black and white with very little gray area: if you spend X number of dollars, you will receive Y profit. For the most part, my past colleagues have always been like me, cerebral or nerdy, if you will, but recently that has changed. I now work for a great organization (Area203) that mixes analytics and creative, yielding wonderful results. It has shown me that I can fit in with people who aren’t exactly like me. I can work with people who look at the glass and don’t see it as half full or half empty, but rather, see it as not being a glass at all but a work of art. Sometimes, people like me have to take a step back and remind themselves that things aren’t always black or white; it’s okay to embrace the gray area. To enjoy that a flower smells nice and not care why; to dance and play in the rain even though I might catch cold; and to tweet because it’s fun and not because I can create a report or run an analysis on it. Our creative staff is comprised of artists, writers, and generally, cool people who give me a periodic giggle. Their talents, skills, and desire to be “different” amaze me. I see them as equals and friends with whom I am proud to work side by side, read their tweets and blogs, and laugh with them.

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