What can YOUR DATA do for you?

Provide extensive data analysis, evaluation of business initiatives and interpretation of results with detailed findings and implications presented to key stakeholders at all levels. Design and produce ad-hoc analysis and reports on KPI's and various financial, marketing and operational performance metrics. Develop response, profitability, retention and customer behavior reports for targeted prospect marketing and cross sell efforts based on data available from each company or external data developed from 3rd party source.

* Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction and Retention Analysis,
* Brand Research & Competitive Analysis,
* Employee Retention Research,
* Survey Creation & Analysis (New Product and Branding),
* Database creation and mining,
* Social Media & Coupon, Incentive Promotions,
* Project Management (Scrum Certified)

Social media without a purpose is like posting a billboard with your logo but no brand message or call to action 


From Carla - President and CEO

Social media marketing and influencer campaigns, I have a loyal and loving following and I have the utmost respect for privacy and have NEVER been considered spammy nor do I abuse the respect I have gained as an influencer over the last 10 years on Twitter or any other social media site - my service are to ensure awareness and post material you deem vital to share. My social media services start at 1,000 a month and go up to 5,000 a month (tailored for your needs only)

I am also available for speaking engagements if given proper notice. I speak as I write, with passion and knowledge of my field and it shows in everything I do!


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